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Introducing a masterpiece of parcel shipping solutions that seamlessly integrates into your system and changes everything for forever.

We’ve Redefined Parcel Shipping For You

A great product is no good if it’s not delivered to your customer on time. When you deliver the product on time, that makes your customer happy. But when you allow your customer to customize the shipping time, speed, and tracking then it makes you stand out from your competitors. That help you earn customer loyalty. With our latest and greatest Parcel Shipping Solution, we are basically helping your business to achieve the similar kind of greatness in parcel shipping and customer experience. From multi- carrier API support to ease of integration, from process automation to cost savings, this parcel shipping solution has everything and more. And it’s ready to integrate in your ERP system.

Parcel Shipping Solution – Simply A Class Apart

Multi-Carrier Support

Our parcel shipping solutions comes with a multi-carrier support that help you choose from the most cost-effective, fastest, or premium shipping options for an enhanced customer experience.

Automated Operations

Automatically plans, executes, monitors, and tracks shipments according to the customer requirements in order to offer more personalized experience for a lasting impression.

Customizability & Scalability

Now you can customize your parcel shipping solution according to your existing ERP system, business requirement, goals, etc. And it provides options to upgrade as your business grows.

Up to 80% Ready Already!

Our parcel shipping solution is packed with all the essential features and functionalities that you might need. The rest can be designed and customized as per your business requirements.


1. Scan HU or Delievery
3. Request for rate shopping
5. Select frieght forwarder and send ship request
7. Print shipping Label & update HU/Delivery with freight forwarder
2. Send information from [shipment, delievery, frieght, unit etc.]
4. Recieve rate shopping response
6. Receive tracking id and label from frieght forwarder
8. Manifest, day closing report & tracking

Seamlessly Integrates with Your Existing Architecture

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